Olympus And sick babies

home on the couch on a saturday night. Its actually a friends engagement party right now that i had to sent BD to alone as Rue has been sick and was just too tired to stay up. So this mummy is watching Fashion bloggers for the 100th time. Living varcariously through their trip to Dubai, sun, water, looks so good.

But i did have one fun trip yesterday, got my tax return and finally got my new camera! Introducing my Olympus OM-D. I had heard good things and it really looks like my dads camera he had for years when i was little. Of course his was film, mine also has a few gadgets im loving. I fiddled with it for 20mins trying to work out why the screen was blank. Turns out there is a button next to the view finder for switching between the screen and viewfinder. Once that was sorted i switched it to manual mode and i was off. No photos yet as i havent left the house in 3 days :( 

Oh and any prayers and well wishes you can spare to a friend who gave birth to her son, James, yesterday at just 24weeks gestation. Word is he is doing well but every bit of love helps. 

Homeward bound

there comes a point where a person says no more. For me this was a few years ago when i decided i just couldnt do share houses anymore. So my sister and i bought a place using the first home owners grant. 3 years later we decided being landlords was worse than share houses so we sold it. Fast forward to today and i have decided that i cant do another winter in this house. Even with the heater running full pelt it only heats one end of the house, rue has his own heater which cant cope when it gets below zero which is most nights. The floors have no insulation so are freezing and the windows are single glazed and offer no insulation at all. 
I have had a gander at the housing market and although i would love to live somewhere off the beaten track where houses are cheaper, you get heaps of land and the house has way more character, i just dont think i can swing it with daycare and my job. So thats a future endevor. Instead im looking at fixer uppers around our area. Something big but run down. I have no issue, and would actually enjoy, renovating. 

Based on the housing market i can see our new home would cost around $380,000 for a 3 bedroom. This would mean at a 5% deposit of $19,000 and stampduty at about $11,000 we would have to save about $30,000, which is more like $35,000 after legal fees. This figure is scary! I have no idea how we can get that but we have to! So its onto the saving wagon for me. 

In the mean time im stocking up on renovation blogs. Do you know a good one?




Sick baby

so this mummy is sick of my baby being sick. So far, in a space of about 6 weeks. Rue has had:

  • 3 colds
  • Chest infection
  • Bronchitis
  • Roseola
  • Unknown origin fever which resulted in a trip to emergency (was over 40)
  • Now has  Conjunctivitis (pink eye) and a cold

My biggest issue with all of this is the fevers. Monitoring a babies fever is nerve wracking and constant. Rues fevers dont respond well to panadol or neurofen so i end out giving him them altnativley every 3 hrs (so each ends out being given every 6 hrs as recomended) just to keep it at a reasonable level (about 38C). I have gone through so many thermometers. The ear one broke, the under arm one is too slow as is the dummy one, both can take several minutes to work. We currently use a vicks forehead one but i often have to do it several times as rue keeps moving. Tonight it told me his temp was around 36 despite him feeling quite warm to me. Will check again if he wakes for a feed. Might end out having to get a proper ear one like the doctor uses. I just want him to be healthy!! 

Sneak peek

Am i the only one who loves looking inside other peoples houses? Im always fascinated by what they have in there, how they live. And i have to admit that i judge people by their houses. Which is funny because i was discussing decorating with a friend recently and we both said that we hope no one judges us on our home because nothing inside is to our taste. both of our partners tell us they hate our taste in furniture but what they dont realise is that the furniture we have is there because it serves a purpose and was affordable. If i had the time and money i would throw out everything i own and redecorate! for example, we currently have a large three seater, brown, puffy recliner and two matching single seaters. I hate them, i actually couldnt think of much worse. BUT. We have them because our old ones were salmon pink leather, or green floral and were so worn out you nearly fell through them. So we needed new ones, i was pregnant, and the ones we got were on sale for half price. Then all of the other furniture is BD’s because at the time i moved in i had just moved out of my own place and sold all my furniture but a bed. So its large, wooden, you get the drift, bachelor furniture. Plus he is a hoarder and if its free he takes it regardless of if we need it or already have one…or 3. Anyway. I went to a friends house recently and noticed a few things. She had nothing on the walls and little else besides some couches. I wondered if this was how she liked it or if she just hadnt got around to doing anything with it (they moved a few months ago). But to me a good home has a mix of old and new. If its all new furniture it looks cold and unlived in. you need to have a few interesting pieces to give the house a story. My mum for example has a china hutch and some interesting knick nacks from her travels but the rest is modern furnishings. As for things on the walls i think you have to have some artwork or photos, right? show who lives there and make the house 3D.

Since going back to work i have been dreaming of what to replace in my own house first. I would love a dining table, something wooden and round but BD refuses to get a round table for some odd reason and im considering turning the dining room into a play room anyway (we never have guests). Next on the list are a bed and a lounge. The bed because his is of the large wooden variety and creaks badly. I would love a nice ornamental one without a foot board, i have something against foot boards. Maybe something like this. Of course BD wants to get a whole bedroom set with bedside tables and a chest of draws but i told him that there is nothing worse than having matchy matchy furniture plus he would refuse to throw out the furniture we already have so would end out with 4 bedside tables…


For the lounge i would love something comfortable in grey with a chase. Issue here is that our lounge room is so badly set out that we have little options in arranging furniture. We have the long wall with the window, a small section of wall between the heater and sliding door opposet the window and the wall the TV is on. which means that we have to sit side on to the TV all the time because if we moved the lounge around you would have to walk around it to get in the room.


Mixing tastes with a partner is the hardest part i think. If only he would give me free reign!

Pictures of you

how do you display all of those precious moments? Our baby albums are all those big square ones with sticky pages. These days though its all either pockets or full on scrap booking. I hate the pocket ones, its just photos, no story. But im not into scrapbooking either (anymore). I like to be able to add and take out pictures. So i have hunted around and found that Teds camera store has the sticky ones! With refils because they only come with about 5 pages. So im going to grab one or two. (Future babies want sticky ones too).

Of course i could jump on the poject life bandwagon which i did consider but it has the same peoblem as the pocket ones in that i dont have much control in the layout.

Im also doing a first year book with blurb. Just waiting for his first birthday pictures this weekend to finish it! Im so excited. It has family pictures too so he knows where he came from. Im getting three copies, one each for me, rue and BD. 

Omg christmas is only 6months away!

i hear some of you groan but i LOVE christmas. I have no idea why people hate it. Just shop online if you dont want to face the mall people!

I love the decorations, i always plan a wrapping theme, i find new christmas music as well as the classics (kylie manogues santa baby). BD doesnt get into it but as we have a toddler this year im not holding back. I will deck the house out like there is no tomorrow! Lights, tinsel, fake foiliage. Maybe even a animated reindeer for the front yard, do i dare lol i made rue a stocking last year but it turned out quite giant so not sure if i will use it or make a smaller one so i dont have to buy as many goodies for inside. Dont want to get his expectations too high first year off the ranks.

Im also acting on some new traditions. A christmas eve box. Rue can open it christmas eve and it contains pajamas, a christmas dvd and or book and snacks. 

When his cousin is older he can come and hang out with his box and we can watch dvds together as a family. We have a tradition at the moment where we buy each other (siblings) a decoration for our tree. It came about when we all moved out of home and realised we had no decorations. 

I also want to wrap presents from santa like they actually came from him. Such a cute idea. Hipefully i can find some santa stamps, otherwise i might have to make them.

One tradition im not getting on board with is elf on a shelf. That thing just creaps me the hell out…


Because cake

today i baked a cake that proved my oven is dodgy. It was a simple butter cake from innerpickle. Recipe called to bake at 180 for 30mins. I know my oven is hot so i put it at 160. At 30min the top was burnt and the inside raw. So i put it in for another 10mins. As you can see the outside is burnt, but hey, it has pink icing with sprinkles and was delicious and soft on the inside. 
Do you like the plate its on? It was a 20c find at vinnies. Great for cakes :)  


Rue ate the innards of his and gave the crust to the dog. BD scraped the icing off and ate the cake. Hey, i liked it haha

Love and dont use

As Rue will be 1 next month I thought i would go through the things that i loved and the things i wish i hadnt bought in his first year.

1. Infants Friend. Get it! They are wind drops and if Rue was screaming and couldnt be soothed i gave him a few drops and within 20minutes would poo or fart and go to sleep. Loved it.

2. Dummys. People say they are bad for babies but frankly the sucking motion is really soothing for them and Rue only ever had his to sleep. Not an issue.

3. Play gym. I had assumed i wouldnt need one of these and considered it a waste of money. But when Rue was about 2months old i realised he had nothing to do on the floor and was getting really bored. I went to Target and got a $40 gym and Rue still plays with it (he turns it upside down and plays under it now).


4. Mummy hook. Everyone compliments my mummy hook and i seriously dont know how people live without it. You hang your grocery basket off it as you shop then your bags once you are done.

th41318706852Mummy Hook Shopping Bags (2)

5. Waffle blankets. I found these were the best for wrapping Rue. They were stretchy and the right shape and were about $12 for a pack of 2.

6. Wish i had a capsule. Didn’t see the allure as they could only be used for 6-12months but i can see the appeal now as rear facing car seats are a pain to get kids in and out of.

7. Highchair. We got a top of the line one from the inlaws but frankly its really large and bulky and rue still can hardly see over the tray. A small one would have been better as by the time he is big enough to fit it properly he will be using a kiddy table and chair anyway.

8. Baby shampoo, oil and moisturiser. Never used any of them. I used moo goo baby wash when he was little and now use a few squirts of johnsons baby milk bath. Babies dont generally have enough hair to need shampoo and water is just fine. Rues legs were a little dry for the first few months but is fine now so i have whole bottles of oil and moisturiser im trying to find a use for.

9. Baby shoes. Completely pointless and hard to get on. Just use socks.

10. Baby clothes. Rue was in onesies for his first 4months of life. T-shirts would just ride up on him so we never even used them.

11. Nappies. We used Woolworths brand which were fine. Huggies leak. Then the woolies ones started to leak and we are now on Aldi brand and im loving them. Cheapest by far and loved by mothers of heavy wetters.

12. Baby swimmers. Swimming with a baby isnt advisable unless you live in a really warm climate. Rue has never been and possibly wont for another 6months atleast. Swimming lessons are a waste of money in my opinion until they can follow instructions, at about 2 or 3yrs. (unless you have a pool or live on a property with a dam where they need to know water safety early), a bath is just as good for getting them used to water and much warmer! Most ‘swimming lessons’ for ages 3 and under are just for having fun rather than teaching them to swim.

13. Nasal aspirator. This seems really pointless to me and i never used one some one actually told me that it can irritate the inside of their nose and cause more mucus. Saline spray and a vaporizer work way better to clear stuffy noses.

13. Finally a recent purchase. Sip snap. Slip over any cup rim and turns it into a sippy cup. Takes up way less room in my handbag when we are out and about. Already made converts of some friends who ordered some on their mobile as soon as they saw rue using his.


And a note of gifts. Its really frustrating when people get angry or insulted that you havent used their gift. Folks. I havent used half the things i bought, its not an insult we either didnt get around to it or it wasnt right for our needs. But thanks for the thought!


today i found out that a man i know, and didnt like, died in a car crash last week. I have no idea how to feel about it as he wasnt a good person yet i feel for his family and friends and those who tried so hard to revive him. 

It made me think that life is short and we need to live how we want. For me this is owning a nice little house in the country, its having my family safe and warm and making sure they know i love them. For some reason i felt the need to finish a quilt i have been working on so that me and rue can snuggle under it on cold mornings. This is the first quilt i have made for myself and its a much more complicated design than any i have made before but i already love it. I cant wait to finish it and see it keep my family warm for years to come.