you know those times everything hits you at once and you wonder why you didnt plan ahead for times like these? Thats me this pay. I accidentily missed a phone payment over christmas and now i am overdue as i then got a double bill. Then i was finally approved to attend my course which gave me a week to pay the $430 course fee. Homestly why would they only give you a week?!? Then i realised the interest came off my credit card before i thought it would and is now over drawn, thats another $140 this pay! Deep breaths. Not to mention rue had a fever over the weekend and we realised our third thermometer in one year is broken. Thats another $60 this fortnight i dont have money for. 

Whats my plan? 

  • I paid half the phone bill last pay and the other half (overdue) will be this pay
  • Can afford half the class fees and will have to pay the other half (then overdue) next pay.
  • Creditcard has to be paid this pay.
  • Thermometer has to be purchases too. Babies health comes first.
  • Oh and have three weddings coming up in the next two months. New dress will just have to wait! 

This leaves me with a tight budget of $100 for food. Hello pasta bake. And with a transfer of my last $80 from my savings ill have a contingency of $100 for the rest of the fortnight.

This especially sucks because this weekend is the long awaited lifeline book fair which i budgeted $70 for but will now have to be under $20. Yes im still going, its only on twice a year and to get books at 50c – $2 saves me a fortune over the year. Fingers crossed i can get what i need within my budget.

Next pay wont be as bad, the second half of the course fees and possibly another phone bill then i should be free and clear of the biggies and get back on track topping up my savings and paying off those creditcards!!! 

I also cancelled a $30 monthly payment which i know isnt much but the less i pay in bills the more i can save. 

Deep breaths and tighten those belt buckles ladies! 


i rushed to get my raised vegie bed set up and planted in december. Canberra has such a narrow growing window  because the winters are so harsh. Unfortunatley we have had buckets of rain and cold weather since then that the only things that have come up are two corn stems and what i think is a tomato vine. Hoping if we get some good hot weather in the next two weeks i might be able to plant again and get some carrots before the frost hits it. Fingers crossed!


wow its only taken me 19months but i finally found a photo album i like for rue. I wanted a sticky page one so i can make collages rather than just random pics shoved in pockets. But the only ones available were black and super boring! 

The one that i got is this in blue:

Its large enough to take about 4-5 images per page but alot more pleasing on the eye then these:

It is something i can whip out in 10years and look at all of our memories. Will update when it arrives. For now im off to print off all my best photos of him!

New year new me?

i realised when i was on holiday that im pritty out of whack. Since becoming mum i dont do alot for me. Yesterday during nap time i turned off the tv, lit an oil burner and listened to some spa music and it was lovely! I fogot how relaxing not having the tv on is. So not only am i working on a super strict budget (more on that to come) but im budgeting pampering and me things. 

First up are some lavender and pepermint oils which i heard smell like a day spa together. Then booking in a pedicure during my lunch break and penciling in a few gym trips because my body is totally out of sync. There are bits bulging out everywhere. Also on the cards may be a haircut, a massage, maybe some new clothes. Just things i have been forgetting to set aside time to do.

What have you been forgetting? 

New year!


I have never really been one to make new year resolutions but there are several things i really need to do this year and a year is a nice time bracket for goals.

  1. I say this every year but i have to pay off my debt. I work it out each year and there is no reason that i cant do it i just like buying stuff with my spare cash. Which brings me to my next point.
  2. Not spend anything on my creditcard! I have been using it to buy extra things each fortnight and am living over my means. Not at all this year!
  3. Lose 20kg. This may seem like an ambitious goal until you realise that i need to actually lose double that to be at a normal weight. 20kg will have me in a healthier place so thats the least i need to do.
  4. Don’t go to the shop unless i actually HAVE to buy something. No more browsing which leads to buying
  5. Focus more on selling things on Etsy. I have dabbled in it for a while now but never sold anything so i need to find something viable.
  6. Work out my car. I currently spend $400 a fortnight which is way above my means on my car lease which is under contract for 2years. I have taken the first step in emailing the company and asking how to get out of this. I think it will be a matter of paying it out which is $15,000 (i would then sell the car and get that back) so i may not be able to do it.
  7. Although i would like to say i will have more savings $50 a fortnight is the most i can spare while im paying down my debt so there it will stay.

So that’s it. A modest list of HAVE to do this year. 366 days to go (its a leap year!).


i actually love gardening but i dont have the time or money to do it usually. Plus we live in a rental so are limited in what i can do. But that didnt stop me re designing the front garden.

I tried to use drought tollerant natives as its a rental i needed to keep maintenance low. In order to do this i would have to rip out the horrid spikey bushes that are already there. I would make a path to the tap (on the right) using wood because as it is i have to walk over the tanbark through the spikey bushes. I would use large rocks as features like in Japanese design and a raised planted pot to add height. 

Ground cover would feature alot to fill in space but still give the feeling of openness. 


There is a path up the middle that kind of leads up the wall to the letterbox. At the moment its brick and not wide enough. I would make it crazy stone (not clean cut) but close together and add a stone step as the wall is slightly too high to step up comfortably. The large bush next to it has to stay as its a privacy screen so the planting around it needs to match but i havent got that far yet. I went for purples and grasses which will stay colorful year round rather than turning to twig bushes like the ones there now. 

 What do you think? I would love to have my own home to make doing gardening more rewarding. Oh well. One day.

How are your finances?

i follow the barefoot investor. His advice is down to earth and practical. Basically he says pay off your debts. Save 3months wages in a ‘mojo fund’ for emergencies. And invest in a slow moving stock. Im working on the first two right now. My mojo has about $300 and im trying to crash down that debt. But as well as this im looking into the what if scenario. He recently got a call from a man who was given 3 weeks to live and he wanted to make sure his family was taken care off. Something alot of us dont consider.

 If i die do i have enough insurance so that my family will be safe? No. My super pays $250,000 if i die which for most people isnt nearly enough. For a one child household it estimated i need $750,000 cover to pay the mortgage, living and school costs. To do that i have to get some blood tests etc because i had diabeties during pregnancy and im obese, so im putting it off 😒 

But i did sign the forms to contribute tomy super   today. Not much. Just $50 a pay. It comes out before tax so i actually get a nice tax break. I never did it before because im sure i wont live to 67 to use it (cancer and car accents are bound to happen) but i guess that if all goes well i will need the extra to have a comfortable retirement. The average person today needs about $40,000 to live off per year in retirement. Assuming you retire at 65 and live to 85 thats $800,000. I have worked for 10yrs and have about $100,000 in super which means assuming i continue on that path i should be fine. Assuming nothing like kids or illness makes me unable to work. But if i do die in a horroble crash i guess it goes to Rue so i will take the time to make sure i can live comfortably in my retirement.

How are your finances?