Aqua tots

Im struggling. I think on one hand that as soon as i can teach Rue to float the safer he will be. On the other hand he cant even hold his head up yet so thats way too soon to start swimming…

So i did what i always do and googled it. Apparently there is a program called Aqua Tots in Canberra for 6weeks – 6month old babies.What they teach is comfort in the water and motor skills. So its not actually swimming. 6-12months they start doing safety in the water. Frankly i think i can just as well teach him to be comfortable in the bath tub. Its deep enough for him to kick and submerge and float around. And it serves a double purpose in that he is clean after!

The key to baby swim classes seems to be that the water is heated to over 32degrees and that there is a change table. Personally i have always loved swimming. I was in swim squad when i was about 7 until the pool closed. As an adult I have gone off and on doing laps but i get really frustrated at how over crowded the pool is. So the times i can go and not have to share the lane with 10 other people, yes 10, is the middle of the day when people are at work. Doesnt work when im at work too…My other set back is currently that i dont have any swimmers. I have always had trouble finding swimmers not only in my size but that cover both my boobs and ah bottom not to mention that arent floral and have enough scaffolding in the boobs to hold up a house. I found a pair a few years ago which advertised as for long torsos, they fit well but the boob area was still too big and i had to cut the straps and make them shorter to tighten the top so my boobs didnt fall out. For now i have forgone the one piece and have purchased some mens swim shorts (they dont make them in my size for women) and some high wasted bikini bottoms. I have a top i got before i was pregnant so im hoping it fits. It was a little snug when i bought it so it may be too small. If it is ill have to jump back on ASOS and get a top too. They thankfully go up to a size 22 for most swimmers but the boobage is always a risk when buying on line. As for Rue i got him a cute one piece at Target the other day so he is all set. I dont like the idea of babies showing too much skin, or even kids, so he will always wear a rashie (swim top) and shorts when he gets older.

As im writing this i searched for images of plus size swimmers and was pleasantly suprised at what i found. Besides the ones that i wouldnt agree a plus size gal should wear, shows a bit too much skin for my liking. There are some super cute ones!

From Always for me: Again concern that i wouldnt fill out the boobage.


I love the sailor one and if anyone knows where to get it please let me know!


I might actually get this one from Simplybe. i love a halter neck and it comes in two lengths! With hidden tummy support.


High Tea

My sister is getting married next month in Turkey. She is also getting officially married in Canberra in January as records in Turkey arent that good so they decided to have a ceremony there for his family then get officially married here which is nice for those, like me, who cant get to Turkey. Today was her hens party. She had a high tea for us with children, then is having a dinner and drunken Karaoke tonight. The tea was fantastic and we all had a blast. There was a wonderful blooming tea which we were told was ready to drink when the flower sunk, we waited and waited and turns out what she meant was started to sink.

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Farming for fathers day

Both my family and BD’s have ‘farms’. BD’s parents have a hobby farm with some cows and goats and my father and grandfather have large sheep farms. So for fathers day we decided to go out and see our extended family and visit the cousins and aunts and uncles. Rueben is the first of the generation on my side so there were some very excited cousins and my uncles and aunts were super excited to meet him.

photo 1 (1)

The last baby on that side was my cousin who is now 12yrs old. There was alot of nervousness about holding him, i never really understood that. You dont drop things normally why would you drop a baby?? Anyway we got lots of cuddles and Rueben got to meet his Great grandfather. Not many people can claim that. He actually has a great grandmother (my side) and another great grandfather (BDs side and Ruebens name sake) but both are bed bound and i havent been able to get out to see them.



Rue did really well on his first night away from home. He missed his afternoon nap but thankfully did sleep that night. When we got back home however he has been waking more often at night so hopefully he settles soon. I really love the farm and am super glad that Rue was able to come out and see it. Its uncertain what will happen to it once pop isnt with us but he is healthy and i hope he is here for many years to come. 



So happy fathers day to BD, dad and pop. Rue is well loved :)


Free our kids

I saw a review on this blog site yesterday and i have been reading up on it. Essentially a woman in the UK decided not to buy anything for her 2yr old for a whole year. She set up swap pages for mothers to trade clothes toys and shoes and even tried to home make all of their food rather than buying pre packaged things. Im a big believer in this. So much of the baby market is over priced and frankly kids dont need that much stuff. They dont need hundreds of toys, they are happy with what they have. And other mothers around you will like wise have toys their little ones grow out of and are happy to swap for variation. As for food i have always been suprised at how much pre packaged food we feed our kids. Those are the habbits they form for life, we need to teach them that food doesnt come from a packet. Frankly, lets face it, baby pures are not that hard to make.

Free Our Kids

“Grown-ups, give yourself a slap and ask yourself: when did we become so dependent on all this spending and all this crap to raise our kids? And isn’t lots of it, really, getting in the way of the real job: just… you know… interacting with them ourselves?What does it all teach them, after all? Do we want them to learn that maxing out credit cards and keeping up with trends is the meaning of life?”

I would say that 90% of the clothing Rueben has are hand me downs. The cot was second hand, the chair one we had in the house already. Even half of his toys are either my old ones or ones my mum picked up second hand. The only things we got new were the car seat, the cot mattress, bassinet, and pram. I would say thats not a bad effort. 

But i will admit that i am often lured into the cuteness of the displays at the shops. Hey, im only human and i only get a few chances in life to buy my children baby items. The latest purchase was a pram protector. I figured it would make the pram last longer so im saving money? Right? But in my defence its hand made from Etsy, in Australia. 


Clothing review

Being a new mum i was given alot of hand me downs from friends. I originally went for clothes that i was familiar with, press studs, onesies, terry towel. But now that we have tried a few options i am going to give you my opinion on whats best and what works for us.

First up. Singlets. We never used them because they dont fit over his head and we always keep the house really warm so it wasnt an issue. 

In terms of warmpth fuzzy onesies are a god send as they keep their feet warm without having to constantly put their socks back on every 5mins as they wiggle out of them. 

Hoods are cute but not very practical as they often move around and end out swamping bubs face. 


Zips are your friend. I was a press stud girl until we were given a onesie with a zip, so much faster!

There are onesies which have the opening down one leg and nothing on the other so you have to squidge their little leg out to change them. I doubt its very comfortable to the little ones. 


I terms of cute photo outfits i like long sleeve onesies with out legs then leggings over it. My fave at the moment is a cream top  with a whale and stripped leggings, i love sailor theme!






Hind sight

I was thinking back to my time in the hospital today. Initially i was completely happy with everything. But now that i think about it they did drop the ball in a few areas which ultimately affected me. Firstly when Rue was taken to the nursery i wasnt updated on his condition for nearly a full day. I asked the nurses each time they came to check my blood pressure for an update and each said they would check for me. None came through. It wasnt until BD came in that evening and we asked another nurse that any thing happened. The nurse asked how bub was and we told her we hadnt heard since he was born. She was surprised and asked if we had gone to see him, i pointed out that i couldnt get out of bed and we didnt even know where the nursery was. She took BD up to see him and BD came back with a nurse from the nursery who apologised as she hadnt realised we hadnt been updated…Considering i saw a woman wheeled in there in  bed with oxygen a few hours after her c-section i cant understand how they couldnt walk the 20meters to my room to update me.

The second thing that happened was in regards to breastfeeding. I dont think any effort was made to assist me. They told me to express 4 times a day then left…no mention of how to get the colostrum to bub. I mentioned it to them that evening and they brought some syringes to express into and again left. So i expressed into one but had no idea how to get it to Rue. I tried to give it to a night nurse and she said she would bring me some labels as they had to be labelled before they could be given to him. The next day i had to ask about the labels before i got them so Rue had already gone a full day without breast milk. Then when i finally got some up to him i was told that i may not have any milk for a few days due to bleeding. Rue was finally brought into the room by BD that morning because i sent him up to check because again i hadnt heard anything about his condition since that night. I attempted to get him to feed but he wouldnt. The nurses didnt offer any help and when i told them he was having trouble latching they just nodded, not offering to get a lactation consultant for me or anything. Plus we could only have him in the room for an hour so i didnt have long to get the hang of it. So i continued to express but the nurse would only come to take it once a day so most of it went to waste. It wasnt until the last day that i was offered a breast pump and they just assumed i wouldnt breast feed. I saw premmie babies in there breast feeding, why didnt they offer me assistance with it? Added to this they took the liberty of giving him bottles and a dummy without checking with me, both of which i have heard can inhibit bubs ability to latch. When i finally did use the pump they were really surprised at how much i got out, so really i could have fed him easily but they never bothered to check.

Looking back i really feel like i was cheated out of the opportunity to breastfeed and bond in those early days. I heard from friends whose babies were in the nursery and they were given ALOT more support, even offered medication to increase their supply so they could express and not have to use formula. The most i was told was that i could go to a mothers group on a Friday where there would be a lactation consultant…this is two weeks after he was born! So yes, looking back i guess i blame the hospital for my not being able to breastfeed. Considering how much they emphasise how its better for the baby they never even gave it a chance for me. Next time i will be on the case straight away and ask for a consultant to come and see me every hour until the baby can breastfeed!

Anyone had a moment of hind sight where they realised something wasn’t right after all?


We have two big tests coming up. Firstly tomorrow I have my blood tests to find out if my gestational diabetes has gone and to make sure my haemoglobin levels are back up after my bleed during labour. But Rueben also has his 6week immunisations! I have read from other mums that baby Panadol is best to have on hand to settle them as they often get a temp after the needles. But also that he will sleep a lot too. My plan is to feed him right after to help settle him, the drive home will be the hardest as I wont be able to settle him while im driving. Its about a 15min trip but it seems like forever with a hysterical baby in the back. Its heart breaking for them to scream themselves horse and you can’t cuddle them.

The second test is this weekend we will be doing the rounds of the grandparents for fathers day. Both live an hour away, and an hour apart. So Saturday its BD’s parents house and an over night stay then off to my dads place Sunday. The logistics are going to be a bit hard to pin down and I hope it goes ok. My biggest concern is that his bassinet, which he has been sleeping in, is too big to bring so he will have to sleep in his pram. I would love any helpful advice people have on overnight trips with a baby! Here is my list of what I am going to pack:

  • 20nappies (best not to run out)
  • wipes
  • change mat
  • beanie
  • 2 outfits (he is yet to soil an outfit so should only need one change)
  • blanket
  • wrap
  • socks
  • Full tin of formula
  • Thermos of warm water (can be topped up*)
  • formula dispenser
  • 2 bottles
  • 2 bibs
  • Dummy

Anything else? I know I’m forgetting something…

*The water at BD’s parents house isn’t drinkable so they take water from Canberra, where they work, home with them. So it will need to be boiled before I can give it to Rueben. Unless I want to wait 20mins for each feed a thermos will come in very handy as a quick source of water as it holds 3 feeds worth of water. Both parents live rural and it can be really cold in both places so the beanie and socks are a must. On the plus side he will get to meet my pop and assorted aunts, uncles and cousins on both sides. Its going to be a big weekend!


Hospital bag

I just realised I never did a follow up on what to bring to hospital post. I was admitted when I went for a check up so it was just as well I had my bags all packed and in the car. I packed expecting an over night stay not knowing that our hospital has a minimum stay of three mornings.

What I packed and what I used:

  • Maternity pads – I got libra, but they bunched and leaked. Back at home I used U pads and they were heaps better. I also recommend using as many hospital pads as possible because  bled everywhere so needed three, one at the top, one in the middle and one at the back to catch everything.
  • Trackies – a god send!
  • Phone charger! You will use it a lot so I think I charged mine twice a day. A life line to my partner who went home each night and for lunch.
  • Feeding singlet – I wore this for labour but had to throw it out later as it got blood on it because once the catheter went in I couldn’t get my top off over it. It got wet in the shower and got baby goo on it and I couldn’t take it off for a day after. My advice, wear something strapless so you can shimmy it off over your hips rather than over your head. I really should have just cut the straps off but I didn’t want to wreck it.
  • Clothes for dad – as it was an induction he had plenty of time to go home and get changed so this wasn’t needed
  • Lollies – I didn’t actually feel like them after. And I wasn’t aloud to eat during as I might have needed a c-sec
  • Heat pad – they didn’t help me and were more of an annoyance
  • Slippers – I should have brought slippers, I didn’t realise you have to wear shoes in hospital and only had my normal day shoes to wear.
  • nappies x 10 – We used the hospital ones as he was in the nursery
  • Baby outfits x 5 – he wore the hospital gown and only got dressed to go home.
  • Beanie – we brought 3 but he only wore one. I wish I had put the one I knitted on him but I forgot to bring it.
  • wraps – he was wrapped in the hospital sheets so we didn’t use them
  • Nipple cream – as I didn’t breast feed it wasn’t needed
  • I forgot to bring shampoo and conditioner or a brush. Family brought these in for me. I only washed my hair once while in there so travel size was fine.
  • Credit card – What for? Our hospital charges $10 a day for TV access, Trust me, you will want it even just for background noise.
  • a book – Loved my book for those times I got bored of TV
  • Flushable toilet wipes – didn’t need them. I hurt enough down there that it didn’t matter what I used to wipe.
  • Granny panties – as big as possible lol you need to be able to fit three pads in there.

Next time I would bring another pj top as I wore the same one the whole 5 days! I didn’t bring toiletries as I was going to pack them when I went into labour which didn’t happen. I had no use for makeup or a razor as so many girls suggested. I could hardly stand in the shower let alone shave and I had no interest in spending time on my make up. A hair tie was my friend, meant I didn’t have to brush my hair :P Oh and bring Panadol. I was discharged a day before we left with bub so I was cut off for pain meds. By the time I realised I needed it I could hardly walk from the pain and my partner couldn’t bring more in until that night. What will I bring next time?

  • 4 pairs granny panties
  • 2 packets U maternity pads
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Brush and hair ties
  • Old large singlet top to labour in, one that I can cut the straps to get it off.
  • two pairs trackies
  • two tops
  • Panadol
  • lip balm – hospital air is dry
  • 2 outfits for bub
  • Beanie
  • 5 nappies – I can send dad for more if needed
  • slippers
  • Phone charger!

Whats in my nappy bag

I’m always interested to know what people take with them. In the car, on holidays, in your handbag. So now that I’m a mum we are going to play, what’s in your nappy bag?


So in my bag today I have:

  1. Thermos of warm water to mix bottles
  2. formula dispenser, can make 3 bottles
  3. bottle (normally empty but I haven’t unpacked from todays outing)
  4. Face washer for feeds (instead of bib)
  5. Warm onesie in case his outfit gets dirty
  6. Blanket
  7. Muslin wrap to cover the pram if he is restless
  8. Change mat with nappies and wipes inside
  9. Spare nappy
  10. Nappy bags (attached to bag) also good for storing wet clothes
  11. I also normally have a dummy but it fell on the floor at the doctors and so its being sterilised.

These items have grown with experience. The muslin wrap I recently added because I found that if its noisy or busy Rue gets over stimulated and covering him helps block it all out. The nappy bags I added after changing him a few times in the car and not being near a bin, its not nice carrying around wet nappies in your hand…The thermos and formula dispenser were great ideas I picked up, this way I don’t need to carry full bottles which get cold and it takes up more room having three bottles in there. I also keep the thermos next to my bed with bottles with formula powder in them for night feeds. It means that bub doesn’t get as restless while I’m waiting for the water to boil, I can just mix them on the spot.

There will be a test soon though as my family wants me to go to our farm for fathers day. Its only about an hour away but im conscious that if we are there longer than planned I will need a back up plan. I’m thinking of taking the whole tin of formula with me in the car and several extra nappies. He can sleep in the pram if he gets restless.

I also had my 6week check up today. Bad news. Turns out that I have an infection which is why I still had discharge (should have stopped around 4weeks). So im on antibiotics for the next 10 days. I also went back on the pill so that when my infection is clear we can attempt practicing for baby no.2 lol I have no plans for another one until at least next year. My mum and I, and coincidentally a friend, all decided that February is a good time as then you are pregnant over winter which is good as your body heat is up when your pregnant, then have the baby in late spring before it gets too hot because getting up in the cold to feed isn’t fun. Rueben will be 1.6 yrs old when the new baby is born if we get it timed right so will hopefully be able to sleep through the night and feed himself.


Im giving a bit of a shout out today. I found the most beautiful mugs on etsy and I had to share.



Aren’t they great! I want a whole set but sadly don’t have the budget to even get one :( I might have to treat myself when I get paid. Maybe lol But seeing things like this always makes me think that I should be doing something fun with my life. Not sitting in an office. I have tried my hand at several things including ceramics but frankly cant see how anyone can make enough to support themselves doing it. I really don’t have anything that im passionate about either, nothing that I can do well that is original or creative. When I make things its from a pattern or I copy something I have seen online. Frankly its way more effort to make it myself than to buy the original online but I tend to have a strong, I can do that, attitude which makes me not buy things I can make myself.

I think im coming to terms with the fact that I will never run my own business. I think im more suited to being an employee of one of these fantastically creative people, something where I can make things but they take care of the business side. One day :)

If you want to know more about these mugs and who makes them:

Silver lining ceramics