Home day

we are having a home day today after getting a call to say rues daycare is closed due to a baby spider infestation. Ew. So we are at spotlight. Its also payday and this fortnight im trialing the budget envelope theory to see if i can save a little money. Im going with a parking one and a groceries one to start me then if i can last a fortnight i might use the shopping one later. Wish me luck!


Speaking of money

i have been shocking this fortnight with money. I have spent way too much and cant even work out why. I guess im being hard on myself considering i have only had one pay now that im back at work but i had thought more of it would have gone onto the creditcard debt. My biggest issue is food. I always buy breakfast and lunch just because its easier now that i have very little time at home before or after work. I might need to adopt the budget envelope idea. Set aside a certain amount for food and put it in an envelope. Once its gone, thats it. 

BD was horrified when i told him groceries cost $300. Thats not including the smaller trips i do during the week so its possibly more like $400-$500. No idea where it all goes. Might have to get better at creating meals out of pantry ingredients. To be fair formula is $90 of that. Will be great when he is on normal milk so i can cut down the formula :)  this is considering the fridge is usially pritty empty too. I did do a big cook up sunday night, 5 portions of lasaguna, a pot if curried sausages and a tray of corn bread (which i discovered is basically cake with corn meal in it). But then i got pizza last night, my bad lol

If i had the money

anyone else have a list of random items they want to buy but it always seems like a bit of a waste of money at the time. I totally have a running list going:

  1. A generator. Might never need it but when you do you will be glad you baught it. Rrp about $300-$600 for a basic one. Frankly our power went out a few weeks ago and i realised that more than anything we needed a working heater for Rue. It gets down below -10 in winter here so a heater is a must! Not to mention the recent storms causing power outages for days. Phone, fridge, hot water and food. A generator sounds like a good idea. 
  2. A jump start kit. When ever my battery is flat i always seem to be in the worst position to get another car to jumpstart me. This little beauty goes for $100-$200 and can be kept in your boot. Anywhere anytime.  No second car needed. 
  3. A new car. I love my little car but my bf insists i need a new one. Since he mentioned it i keep thinking and realising that he might be right. My car is only 9yrs old and has no major issues, but, the front shocks are bad from a huge pot hole, the clutch slips, the back footwell floods when it rains (no idea where its getting in) and things are sounding a bit clunky under the hood… Thinking of a secondhand Nissan Dualis. Nice little SUV. I can pick up a 2011 model for about $10,000.  
  4. Porta-cot. Ours cost $49 but one side wont lock anymore. We only go away maybe once every few months and just put that side against a wall. But really its not safe and we should get a new one. Im thinking about $100-$150. 
  5. Second carseat. If im in an accident or cant get home for what ever reason we have no way of getting rue home as no one else has a carseat. I found one online for $180 but havent had the money yet. This one is at the top of my spare money list atm. 
  6. New pram. There is nothing wrong with mine but it is a little bulky. I would love a nice sleek one. About $300. 
  7. Dining table. We dont use the dining room so there is no need to get a table but i would love a nice round one (bd informed me he hates round ones and im not aloud to get one).   

Whats in my nappy/handbag

being a working mum now having two bags didnt seem practical especially as i would have to bring both incase rue needs something on the way too or from daycare. So i baught a new bag that would double as both. Cost me $50, im not into expensive bags. 


So whats in there. First i have this sweet little zip pouch for rues knick nacks. Rusks, dummy, bonjella and a thermometer although i didnt pack and panadol so the thermo isnt much use. I do also sometimes have a spoon in there too. 

Then i have Rues nappies and wipes in the inside pocket. I normally have 3 but i used one on the weekend and havent replaced it.

  Other random stuff includes bottle with water, formula dispencer, a onesie, toiletpaper (he had a runny nose and i couldnt find tissues), bubbles for emergency entertainment, a dirty spoon, an odd sock and a first aid kit.


Then we have my stuff. My Erin Condren planner, keys, headphones, purse, aesop handcream i got for my birthday, camera from our trip on Saturday, and an empty purse because i bought a new one today and thought rue might like to play with the old one (the smaller one).

   Other stuff includes a plastic fork, reciept and the sharpie for my planner that fell out.

You might think a few things are missing but i have them elsewhere. I pack food if we are going out. The pram has two toys and a waffle blanket. The car has a toy and a blanket as mornings are cold so i tuck him into his carseat. Car also usually has a jacket, beanie and a hat as well as some odd socks. I did have a thermus of water in there too but we used it last week so i need to top that up.

Back to work

hey long time no see! Thats because i havent had time to scratch myself now that im back at work. BD is on the road during the week so its just me and little man. He seems to be settling in well to his daycare. He was spooked the first week or two by the other little girls screaming, he is a quiet little boy. But now apparently he just screams back lol 

He crys when i leave him which is the hardest part but im assured he has a great time after a few cuddles. 

Work is actually giving me a break in my mummy duties which im finding quite nice. Down time i guess because my job is rather laid back and i have little work anyway. I have fridays off which was a great idea on my part. Really gives me that extra day before BD gets home to get laundry done and the house clean because when he is home i dont feel like doing any of that. 

The only reason im blogging today is because i remembered you can get a wordpress app so i can blog from my phone. Its so much easier! Especially because i can just use photos straight from my phone rather than emailing them to myself first. 

This was Rue this morning before work in the jumper his nan and pop got him. How much fun is it!  

Country Boy

Both of our families have farms. My Pops is a sheep farm and BD’s parents have a small hobby farm. That’s where we spent our easter weekend, fencing. I had thought i would be back at the house in town so wouldnt have to worry about Rue but turns out we were all out there. It was hard not being able to help because i had to hold Rue.


Then i realised i had the portacot in the boot of the car. So we had porta baby.


He loved it! He was so excited to be able to get down and play. The field was full of thistles so he couldn’t crawl around but he thought his play pen was the bees knees. Then we put a sheet over the top to keep the flys and sun out. His cousin was happy to provide baby amusement.



I got horribly sunburnt because of course we took the car without the sunscreen in it. I managed to keep Rue out of it for the most part thankfully so he was only a little pink on his cheeks. The next day our biggest problem was keeping warm. Autumn weather is so un predictable.

Things i can do

I have found through my life i have said i cant do this or that iv tried and I just cant do it. Well a few of these things i can actually now do. Goes to show that if you keep trying one day it will just click.Eggs-Benedict-at-Metro-Bakery-Cafe

  1. Poached eggs. They never worked for me. I tried all the methods. Vinegar, little bags, swirling. But for some reason last year i tried them again at the insitance of my partner who wanted eggs Benedict. They worked. Easily, i did the whirlpool method where you swirl the water and slide the egg in. I think the trick is to crack the egg into a cup first and to not let the water boil, just small bubbles so it doesnt scatter the white.
  2. IMG_0271Knitting. My mother tried several times when i was a kid to teach me to knit and it just wouldnt stick. Then two years ago i decided to try again and taught myself off youtube. It worked! I knit several booties and a beanie. Pritty stoked with this one.
  3. Pull starting a lawn mower. You might think this one is odd but i have never been able to work a pull start. Not enough muscle i assumed. Turns out there is a trick to it. You have to pull it to its point before giving it a sharp tug. I always tried to do it from the start so it was slack then suddenly jerk when i hit the start point.

The one thing i still havent mastered is languages. My brain just cant process them.